Are you looking to build muscle and blast away fat? Do you want to add 20 pounds of lean, defined mass while maintaining shredded abs and splurging on cheat meals? Are you hoping to have this plan emailed to you by the end of the day so you can hit the ground running on Monday!?

Listen closely, this is not the plan for you.

You name it, I've heard it. You will do ANYTHING to reach your goals. You've tried EVERYTHING and can't seem to gain weight, or get your abs to show, or grow your arms. You are ready to put in the work, just show you the way!

BUT.. you have a super busy schedule, you don't really like training legs, you won't be able to calculate your food, and you generally have trouble sticking to fitness programs. DUDE   

My training program is simple, it's flexible, and it works. Successful clients are willing to listen, and open to learn. I can work with diet restrictions, and I can work around injuries (past or present!) If you're looking for a program that will TEACH you more about your body, and will allow you to be successful long after the 12 weeks is up, this is your plan!! 

After you sign up, you'll fill out a client questionnaire. This helps me understand your goal, and gives me an idea of what your lifestyle looks like. Chances are slim that you'll stick to a meal plan if it contains a bunch of food you don't buy/don't like! I want to make things as simple and maintainable as possible. 

When your plans are complete, you'll receive a diet with two different meal plans, broken down by food item including macros. You'll receive 8 workouts (2 per muscle group) in a specific order (based on your goals) to be used for the duration of the plan. Cardio adjustments will be assigned as needed, depending on your goal. 

You'll be asked to track your weight daily and send them via email. Adherence to the plan and check-in consistency is vital if you expect results! This is not a take-it-and-run deal. I make diet adjustments as often as necessary and communication is open for the duration of your plan.

If you're outside of the US or Canada, or currently deployed: I can still work with you but my knowledge of international foods/brands is limited! Since the program focuses heavily on macros, I can only take you on if you have experience tracking macros already. I'll be able to give you the two diet plans and macro evaluation but without specific food types. If you fall under this category, let me know and we can discuss! Also, the plans are created in english and saved in PDF format. If you need them to be translated, that is your responsibility! 

If you understand all this and want to move forward, click on the form below. I can only take on a limited number of clients due to the one-on-one nature of the program. You will be added to the list in the order submitted! When a space becomes available, I will be in touch. I appreciate your patience in advance! 

If you have additional questions about the plan before submitting, please send me an email! 


Can be created for ALL training goals

Fully customized nutrition program and workout routine, built around your preferences, lifestyle, and athletic ability! No matter where you're starting from or where you want to be, I will work with you to make it happen!

Nutrition plan
Supplement Recommendations
Unlimited email contact/support
Full 8-day Training Split
Diet/Cardio adjustments as needed based on progress

Full Training Pricing
12 weeks  $550
18 weeks  $775
24 weeks  $850


Must be a minimum 20 weeks from show date. Available to men and women, all divisions.
Nutrition plan
Supplement Recommendations
Unlimited email contact/support
Full 8-day Training Split
Diet/Cardio adjustments as needed based on progress

Full Peak-week plan and support
Show advice - tanning, suit, posing, etc. 

Prep Package Pricing


All training programs are paid-in full. I make an investment in each and every client I work with, I think the experience should be mutual! These plans are not mass produced. They require thought, time, and energy. My goal is to educate and help someone walk away with a better understanding of how to properly train and nourish their body! This requires full participation for the duration of the plan. 

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