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Lat Pull Down
(Wide D grip)

Barbell Deadlift
(Snatch grip)
4 sets of 4

Lat Pull Down
(Close V grip)
4 sets of 12

Machine High Row
(Machine or variation of choice)
4 sets of 12

Straight Arm Lat Pull Down

Weighted Pull Up
(Hammer grip)

Barbell Shrug (Snatch grip)/Barbell Shrug (Behind the back)
12/12, 10/10, 8/8, 10/10, 12/12


We do not save The Daily Pump! Each workout is posted for 24 hours. Screen shot your favorites! A key to the workouts is listed below

Exercises marked with * are posted in video form on my Instagram: @smith.julian 

All hand placement or leg stance is neutral or shoulder width unless otherwise noted

Drop = Drop Set:
Example one: 12,10,8 drop 8- This means on the last set complete 8 reps, drop to a lighter weight, then complete 8 more reps, no in between rest.
Example two: 3 sets of 6 drop 12- This means you do three sets of the posted drop set. So 6 drop 12, three times.

Failure: example 3 sets F 
This means there are no set number of reps, go until failure

Superset or Compound Set: example 4 sets of 10/15
Complete 10 reps of the first exercise, then 15 of the following exercise within the same set, no rest

Pyramid Sets (12,10,8,8): Anytime you see a pyramid set, regardless of the number of reps, you should always try to increase the weight each set as the reps go down!

Straight Sets (8,8,8,8): Anytime you see straight sets, regardless of the number of reps, it is going to be more tempo based, so moving up in weight each sets isn't necessary! If you do all the required sets at the same weight, that's totally fine

Rest Time Between Sets:
4-12 rep range = 30-45 seconds rest between sets
15+ rep range = 45-60 seconds rest between sets

TIME UNDER TENSION RATIOS: (also see video below)

1st number: How long the negative portion of rep should take
2nd number: How long you should pause on the stretch
3rd number: How long the positive portion of rep should take
4th number: How long you should pause on the contraction

Negative is always the stretch
Positive is always the contraction

example:  Hack Squat (4:0:1:0)
4 seconds on the negative, no pause on the stretch
1 second on the positive, no pause on the contraction

example:  Pec Deck Fly (4:2:1:2)
4 seconds on the negative, 2 second pause on the stretch
1 second on the positive, 2 second pause on the contraction


As of May 4th 2019
There are no full rest days on this current split.
After the last day on the split it simply starts over.







Upper Body

Lower Body



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