When I started my bodybuilding career 10 years ago, at 18, I didn't know much about diet at all. I made the mistake of buying an over-the-counter supplement that screwed up my body for 6 months, and left me with gyno in my right nipple. In 2007 I competed at the Oregon Ironman and took 4th place in novice light-heavy and 3rd in juniors. It was a rude awakening, but I learned a lot about my body and what real diet and proper supplementation can do for me!

The following year I competed at the same show and won both the novice light-heavy and juniors classes. I had prepped using the "kill yourself diet" (again). Doing up to 2 hours of cardio a day, and taking in only 50g of carbs every 3 days. I had such bad metabolic damage after the show, I gained 40 lbs. in 3 weeks. My feet were so swollen I couldn't put shoes on! After that experience I decided to take some time off; 6 years to be exact.

I learned about proper nutrition from my first real prep coach, and now great friend, Scott Kluth. I also follow Layne Norton and utilize his diet/training techniques. Prepping for the 2013 Washington Ironman, I dieted for over 6 months; going from 228.0 lbs to 197.0 on stage. Instead of low carbs (50g) every 3 days, I was eating at least 220g carbs a day and up to 450g on high days in my final weeks. I ended up taking the 2013 NPC Washington Ironman open light-heavy class win, and the overall title!

After my experience with the pro-hormone, I decided I wanted to be a drug-free athlete and never put that type of stuff in my system again! I had to wait 7 years to be eligible to compete in the natural federation, but have decided to stick with the NPC and maintain my drug-free status.

I attribute all of my success to consistency in the gym and in the kitchen. I've made it a priority to have a well-rounded lifestyle. While bodybuilding is one of my passions, it's not stopping me from doing other things that I love! Becoming the type of bodybuilder that can do it all, that's my goal.




ARMS            19.5"

LEGS             28.5"

WAIST           33-34"

CALVES         18.5"


ARMS            19.0"

LEGS             27.0"

WAIST           30.0"

CALVES         18.0"


Born and raised in Oregon, I grew up playing and excelling in football and Track & Field. I graduated at 190 lbs and realizing I didn't have the size to play football in college, I decided to join the local Powerhouse gym to put on some size. After a summer of lifting right, eating, and consuming mass gainer shakes, I put on a pretty solid 15 lbs. I enjoyed the process so much and having two concussions from senior year alone, I figured bodybuilding was a better path! 

I graduated from Portland State University with a business degree, double majoring in Business management and Human Resources, minoring in Finance. Getting my college degree was truly one of the hardest things I have ever done (mentally) but one of my proudest accomplishments! Studying and test-taking were not my strong points, but achieving that goal gave me the confidence I needed to tackle other struggles life has brought my way. 

While in college, I worked for my family's company, Tradewind Enterprises Inc. We are a medical courier service, that delivers radioactive medicines to hospitals and pharmacies in 15 states. After graduating I decided to work there full-time and see if it was something I wanted to make a career out of. I am now part owner with my Dad, and we run the company together! I'm a very family oriented person, and spending all that time with them - in and out of the office - can be a pain sometimes, but when I look back at my life I know I'll cherish the memories I've made working with them.

When I'm not in the gym, I can be found on my back deck, smoking a cigar. I love working on my house, playing with the best dog in the world (#Aldoslife), family dinners on Sundays (not always eating out of a Tupperware). I do enjoy a cheat meal here and there. I have no problem blowing my macros on pink frosted donuts, Mexican food, pancakes, burgers (with a runny egg), or a double-stuffed cowboy pizza from Papa Murphy's. 

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I've always lived on, or near water, so from a young age I've been into wake boarding, boating, and swimming. Being a true Oregonian and having access to the river, ocean and mountain I have always been into outdoor sports like, snowboarding, skateboarding, downhill mountain biking and the occasional uni-cycling! I love doing things that no one would expect a bodybuilder to be able to do.

I encourage anyone who sees me, follows me, or knows me, to always say Hi! I love meeting and talking with people who are interested in what I do! 

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