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Daily Macros
235 grams Protein
175 grams Carbs
60 grams Fat

NEW Split: as of 3/25/18

Day 1
cardio: NONE

Day 2
cardio: NONE

Day 3
 cardio: NONE

Day 4
Hamstring/Glutes/Abductor/Light Quad
cardio: NONE

Day 5
cardio: NONE

Day 6
cardio: NONE


LISS: (low intensity steady-state) 10 degree incline, 3 MPH walking on treadmill
HIIT: (high intensity interval training) Recumbent bike or stationary bike
40 seconds easy pace and 20 seconds up the intensity and all out sprint


How do my workouts change for a show prep? Workouts do not change leading up to a show! I train exactly the same. A lot of people will lighten up or go easy during show prep but that's a mistake in my opinion! Go hard and do your normal thing! A lot of the 'zapped energy' feelings are mental. Until you get down to the last couple of weeks and you are VERY low in body fat. 

How is this different than the Olympia prep? My goal for Olympia was to look aesthetically pleasing and impressive while at the expo! I knew I'd be wearing shorts and a tank top so I didn't need to be stage ready with shredded glutes. Just leaner and more vascular! More of an everyday lifestyle look. When I'm prepping to get on stage, my goal is to get as lean as possible. I want to run out of body fat!! Or damn close! Last area I typically lose body fat is on my ass cheeks, so striated glutes is what I aim for.

What body fat % do you think you'll hit? I have no clue! I'm planning to get a DEXA scan at about a week out from the first show so I will document that process! But I typically don't track body fat or have it tested during prep. 

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