Phase 1: Intermediate

Phase 1: Intermediate


PHASE 1 includes 32 full LEG workouts, 16 quad-dominant and 16 hamstring-dominant. Reps, sets, tempo, and stance, in detail. Plus an in-depth guide discussing how to isolate each muscle group, tips on engaging a better mind-muscle connection, and a full breakdown of how to utilize time under tension training and why it's so important! 

Trouble deciding which level to use? The programs are virtually the same, but the Intermediate version excludes some of the mobility-advanced exercises. If you have very limited mobility or existing injuries, stick with the intermediate - but don't be fooled! Either version will provide a unique and challenging experience.

The ULT workouts can be scaled to ANY level. The ULT is suitable for men, women, experienced or novice lifters. Diet determines your outcome, so this program can be used whether you're trying to build and grow, or shred down for summer!  

Subscribers receive a $20 discount on the ULT (phase 1 only) Login to purchase within the members area. All instructional and demo videos for the workouts in this program are available to members on 

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